Tankless Water Heaters SLC

Save MoneySave money while enjoying all the hot water you want in Minneapolis-St Paul and speak with the hot water specialists at Uptown Plumbing about a tankless hot water solution for your home.  Read from already delighted customers here and about our service level guarantee here.

Save Money With Tankless Hot Water

SaveA tankless water heater is exactly that – tankless.  Take away the tank and you're no longer wasting money paying for the energy to keep water heated until it is needed.  A tankless water heater only heats water when you turn the faucet on giving you an energy efficient hot water solution that will help lower your utility costs.

Never-Ending Hot Water

ExpertsThe tankless water heater allows all of your family to use hot water at the same time and without having to worry about the hot water running out. No more racing to be first to the bathroom and no more hot water running out half way through a bath or shower! 

Durability Savings

Tankless water heaters can last up to twice as long as conventional water heaters and without a tank there's less to go wrong so you can expect to save on maintenance and repair fees too.

The Best Systems & Installations

We'll help you choose a tankless hot water system that best fits your budget, home and hot water demands and provide you with an expert installation for your comfort and enjoyment.

Written Warranties

Not only do we back the quality of our workmanship up with a written warranty, we'll also help you to choose the right equipment with the best manufacturer's warranties that suit your needs.

Professional, Guaranteed Service

We're fully licensed and insured for all your hot water and plumbing needs and we're so confident you'll enjoy the service level you receive from us that we back it with a satisfaction guarantee.

For expert tankless water heater installations, repairs and maintenance in your home in Minneapolis-St Paul, call and speak with the hot water specialists at Uptown Plumbing, today.

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